a morning with "SUBSTANCE"

Kicking off this morning with Demi Lovato's latest song, as I have always loved Demi's music, regardless of what "genre" she is singing at any given time (be it Pop, Pop/Rock, etc). And I am also having instant espresso, after having good coffee, as I visited Neighbor "S" just a bit ago, and he has a new coffee maker, so we had Schnucks brand "Medium Roast". Schnucks hits a home run when it comes to ground coffee, but their instant is concentrated motor oil. I am usually not a "light"/blond coffee drinker, and tend to go for the darkest roast I can find, but when I DO have a blond roast, I pick up on all the lingering smoky notes I miss out on with a dark roast. There's a Hickory "sediment" to a blond roast, and it hits the sides of the tongue and brings out the flavor of whatever else I am having - a small pastry, a cigarette, whatever.

Dark roast/espresso is incapable of this. It's a dark bean plunge into THAT flavor, and nothing will interrupt the abbrasive (and enjoyable) intensity of the drink. But, if one is a fan of cigars, having a dark espresso is like a complete trip through some sort of sensory utopia. I would go out on my balcony with a Rothschild Kentucky leaf cigar, and make a dense cup of Boyd's Red Wagon Roast coffee in the French press, and the notes and sensations that permeated my nasal passages, and tastesbuds was like I was sailing through some metaphorical realm of flavor and bliss.

And on goes the morning, as the playlist plays through - Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, and now Alphaville. The breeze comes through the door on a 70 degree day, as the sun shines, promising a warmer day ahead.

Atypical Friday for me. So it is, and as you were. :)

back soon

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