A morning with a letdown, and other things (that are better) throughout the day

I tried to schedule with Metro C-A-R this AM - right at 7:30 AM, and FOR Tuesday (so, as early as I could possibly schedule in advance), and they said they had no rides to/from IC from my location that day :( I can and will call back tomorrow, for Wednesday, so that is what I will do.

In the meantime, I sent an e-mail to the IC e-mail for general questions and asked about different transportation resources they may have. Not sure what's on offer, but I am looking into it. If/when I get Wednesday schedule (praying to Dog for that), then I will arrange transport stuff in person when I am at the center. But I can communicate with them through e-mail in the meantime, unless I do not hear back by Monday morning, in which case I will call the center directly and speak to someone in some department, and see what I can do.

The day is bright, cloudy, (white clouds) and blue skies throughout. Nice day.

I picked up cigs, and made a trip for soda. All is good


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