a morning becomes noon...

...and I get conversationally over run by a 70-year-old with a gut full of whiskey.

Neighbor "S", I went over there upon getting up from a small nap. He was porchside, having a cig, offered me one, I partook, and the conversation was more or less "going" just fine, then he asked me a question, and then halfway through my answer, he interrupted and went on a two minute rant about...whatever he was on about. I A) couldn't interject my words because he was on a "whiskey rant", and B) was annoyed that I had been interrupted in the first place.

So that is how my noon rolled around on this Wed, July 27, 2020.

I came home soon after, made coffee, and am trying to perk up the mental machinations, because I skipped caffeine to take out the trash, check the mail, and then impulsively decided to stop by and say "hey" to Neighbor "S". Should have started with caffeine, and then tried to do other things in the day.

I sip hot coffee after chomping a piece of 4mg Nicotine gum, which is Nicorette brand, courtesy of my psychiatrist, and this brand is far and away better than the generic. A "higher quality" chew, lol!


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