Honestly, I do more on a day-to-day basis other than go grocery shopping. It is just a daily ordeal for me because I am on-foot, and have to carry things from the store, and I don’t like carrying heavy things, so…nnWent to Schnucks, bought some stuff for veggie sandwiches and some iced coffee. Iced coffee is happening now. And the store was jam packed this time. At 6:00 AM, I was one of three customers. Just now, I was one of three customers per aisle. And *many* customers lined up at the main checkout line (which they call up one at a time to the registers, which was a system implemented during COVID, but is probably not necessary now). I did self-checkout, though. Was fast. Immediate actually.nnA nice, sunny, warm walk there and back.nnIn fact, I turned on the AC when I got back here, because I had started to sweat. Summer is upon us (or, us in St Louis…and the entirety of this section of Planet Earth).nnSome people are expressing interest in [the Remark.as meetup](https://write.as/tmo/a-remark-as-meetup-is-a-thing-we-should-have), so chime in in the comments on that blog post (the post linked), or on [Discuss.write.as](https://discuss.write.as/t/a-remark-as-meetup/5554/3), and let’s meet some people!nnAlmost noon here. Saturday. The smell of BBQ wades in the air, a few folks are congregating in the courtyard. Others walk to/fro their cars, off to Memorial Day gatherings wherever, to do whatever. People walking dogs, dogs walking them. And even a person walking a cat! (the neighbor in the building where I used to live has a harness for her cat, and takes it into the lawn in front of her patio – everyone thinks it is incredibly weird).nnAll in a day. Back soon.

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