I didn’t write a blog post on this blog today. I was preoccupied with getting through the day, avoiding the Internet (sometimes, mostly), and writing the occasional blog post over on the Ghost bloggo.nnAnd as the title suggests, I sort of “over-smoked” today, in terms of cigs, which is a gross thing, for sure, but just kind of a thing I “DO” to get through the day. My own little version of boredom killing that other people use social media for, instead. Nearly 100% **Cons** to both, but at least my mental health doesn’t suffer from nicotine.nnSo the day went by, I felt ok through most of it. Except for yesterday (Tuesday) morning, where it was rainy and I felt misanthropic, and gross, and cynical and all that. Then the sun came out, and I instantly felt better.nnI thought a lot today (meaning “yesterday”, really, because it is just past midnight here (well, 1:30 AM)). I thought about how truly lucky/grateful I am that I opted to NOT go the parenting route when I was younger. My concerns were *then* what they are *now*, which is that the responsibility of raising a kid, plus my constant 24/7 “worry” for their well-being, would absolutely drive me over the wall, and I would either die from some stress-related illness, or *something* would end my life. Not to mention all the stress/drama of life getting TO that point. Also, I am not terribly fond of the “lifestyle” of parenting. It doesn’t “work” with me.nnSo that train of thought kind of chewed through the first half of the day.nnThe remainder of the day was spent enjoying the weather. Out on the balcony, sometimes. Other times, just parked in my living room chair, *next* to the balcony. I kept myself in stitches with YouTube videos, read posts from Read.write.as, Midnight.pub, Smol.pub, my 1Feed RSS reader, and a couple random bloggos I came across from those sources.nnThere’s a cool new feature on Remark.as, which from what I understand is like an ephemeral chat, so if anyone wants to chat and BS on there, [contact me](https://contacttmo.carrd.co/) via that link, or just leave a comment on this post, and we can shoot the shit on there. I love writing to (e-mailing) other bloggers, as I have always been someone (very) fond of blogging. It’d be cool to meet some folks in a faster-faced “chat” scenario, instead of “just” comments (though comments are friggin’ great, too!nnLater, I will update [tmo snapping](https://write.as/tmo-snapping) with a couple photos, as I am trying to add a couple photos there per day, but didn’t get around to it yesterday. I AM becoming more comfortable with photo-taking, though. I still get “nervous” when I am launching the camera app, though, because I feel like every single thing has to be perfect to get “just the right shot”. Nothing is perfect, though, so, yea.nnI guess that’s all I got. I am all “worded out” from what got written on tmo.name.nnback later

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