A messaging morning, balcony coffee, other elements of pre-noon

I woke up. Skipped the computer. I mentally/metaphorically flipped it off. Wanting just coffee and just sunshine first thing today.

So I made Maxwell House. Poured it. Went to the balcony. Sipped in the sun and felt fine.

I needed to message some people, though. It had been X numbers of days/weeks since I sent an SMS smoke signal to anyone in relative proximity. I prefer locals, Neighbor "S", and the folks I am going to meet at Independence Center.

I texted my sister "C", and let her know some new information I had about Amazon Fresh accepting SNAP/EBT, which I had read on bix.blog, which is great info to know. Nice dude, that Bix bloke, haha.

I also messaged my best bud of 30+ years, "B", and he informed me that he had a small heart attack last Monday. WTF! He's 41!

I immediately asked if he was ok, and what caused it, and he assured me he was fine, and that it was brought on by "plaque", that some had broken off and lodged "just right", as he put it, and that he had to be hospitalized.

I felt/feel so bad. He's got some tough times in regards to...not so much health, but mortality - his fiance passed a few years back, leaving him to raise his young son on his own. His Father passed in 2020, which was a long time coming, as his Father was old, but he (his Father, "B" (same initials)) was sort of a "neighborhood legend" in his time. He had the three boys and two daughters, and the neighborhood I grew up in was filled with people my age, and the guy always allowed people to come and go at their house. And "B" was attached to the hip of the older "B", and...yea, it was difficult for a lot of people when older "B" passed away.

So anyway, "B" (younger "B", my best friend) is in recovery for a little while. He'll do good, though.

I am distracted while writing right now, because my kitchen has some overarching aroma of piss and I know it not actual piss, but something has gone foul. I don't know what the fuck.

I'll take out the trash and clean up and hopefully that remedies it

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