Everything is melting, it seems. But it is still below-freezing, so I don't see how it can melt, other than it is extremely sunny outside (which I am still smitten about). So, I walked to BP, got a couple Mt Dew, and then came home and watched "Philosophy of Sailing" (YouTube link), which is one of my favorite videos on YT.

Now, I made coffee, a triple-scoop of Dollar Tree instant coffee, which tends to be flavorless/odorless, and fairly underwhelming - but, it is all they had to offer in-store when I was stocking up for 48 hours before the snow hit. And I am almost out of food in the apartment, so I am going to have to walk to Schnucks when more snow/slush melts away (tomorrow, in all likelihood). But, the walk to BP wasn't too bad other than going knee-deep in snow here and there and soaking my New Balance shoes down to the inner-sole. A nice walk.

I also cleaned up the kitchen a fair deal (which definitely needed it), and started dishes, and will take out the trash again later (after the shoes dry - if the shoes dry).

LOL, yea, "air coffee". No flavor or aroma to this blend whatsoever. Just hot caffeine, essentially. It works, for now.

I (foolishly) moved the writer's desk into the living room yesterday, and I do not like it in here at all. So, it will go back in front of the window in the bedroom, eventually. After my back is 100% again. It (my back) is doing OK since the walk to BP, as well - so I am not worried.

Tomorrow, CBD gummies arrive (via UPS), as well as pipe tobacco things (via USPS). And as for the other packages - no clue. I'm patient, though.

Also, I am thinking of doing an arbitrary thing with the blog posts/journal entries, and that is to divide them into monthly "logbooks", or just the entirety of a month's entries into one "segment". Why? I have no idea.

But, how do I go about "dividing" this all up? I have no clue on that, either - because everything is just here on the bloggo. And there isn't an "archive" to speak of on this theme, either (that I am aware of). So, maybe I will begin to use "tags" (which seems like another arbitrary thing to do - and just another "thing" I have to worry about when I am making an entry).

I'll think about this...

back soon