So, I went ahead and fired up a new Nanode on Linode, and I did the usual song and dance with getting that ready (though this time I didn’t have to install a LAMP stack, may still not have to – I have no clue at this point), and I got all the prerequisites ready for a Jekyll install, installed Jekyll, and then when it came time to set up the actual blog, itself, I chose the name and then quit the process because A) I need something to eat, B) I can pick up where I left off, and C) there is a *shitload* of stuff that will be done with it before I even hop into doing all the git stuff that I want to do with it (which is the entire point of setting this thing up to begin with – a “testing ground”, so to speak).nnAnyway, I’ll be down with the clown in a little bit, but for now I need more coffee, and respond to a couple e-mails I got before getting into all this.nnBack later

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