Earlier today, after my [4:53 AM blog post](https://write.as/tmo/one-of-those-mornings), I went ahead and uploaded a couple of snaps (photos) I took along “The Montana Excursion” onto [tmo snapping](https://write.as/tmo-snapping) and then accidentally published them onto **tmo**. So I went ahead and switched out that blog post to be *at* **tmo snapping** *instead* of **tmo** (which is a nice feature to have on W.a). But, long and short of it, I did/am continuing the small bloggo **tmo snapping** and will continue to try to rekindle my interest in photography and see what comes of it.nnAnyhow, it is 4:53 PM now, (very odd how that worked out, lol!) and I had a day of rest, healing, and a short jaunt to Schnucks for essential foods. My left foot has gone DOWN in swelling, too, and I have a better range of motion with it than I had yesterday. Good!nnAnd, I cleaned up the apartment a bit, as everything had become sprawled out and messy throughout the kitchen, living room, and bedroom upon getting back to my apartment. So, I tidied everything up and made it “at home”, again. Glad to be resting in *cleanliness* instead of wallowing in *filth*, lol!nnNow, I prepare Folgers instant coffee.nnback soon

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