a little screen starin', some music listenin', some coffee sippin'

Yea, so I didn't know what to write, so I just had the editor open here, listening to The Beatles "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", and sipped coffee, thinking: come on, words that are meant for typing - come into my mind so I can share them on my digi-journal! LMAO!

Of course, between intentional writing (a thing I am a proponent of, as it helps me write quite often), and music (even elaborately good music, like The Beatles), and coffee, I would say that coffee is the thing that usually gets the brain blood flowing and has me putting text to editor.

Heard a few things here and there about Clarice Lispector recently, and that makes me very happy. I have yet to read her novel from the 1970s titled Agua Viva (or, a flow of life, as it translates as), but I need to get my hands on a copy, as the excerpts I see online are very nice. Melancholic, multi-toned, and emotionally cerebral - reading them (the excerpts) is a true treat. I also read that a lot of people have trouble reading it, because their brain "demands" it (the writing) go from one angle or the next, to maintain/sustain a particular narrative, and I can understand this frustration, as I read a book sometime back called "Why I Write Such Great Books" (or whatever the title was) by Friedrick Nietzche, and it was pure madness, the writing jumping up and around with what was being "conveyed", and honestly just read like something being written by someone on a heavy hallucinogen. And then all the chapter/section endings with "do you see? Are we clear? So sayeth Zarathustra", and all this bullshit. Not my cup of tea.

From what I can tell (with Agua Viva) Lispector is making a sincere (and likely very clear-minded) attempt of writing each "part" of the book as sort of an exercise in conveying a sort of "literary emotion". Her "goal" of the book, was to "capture the moment of the now", which just sounds so cool, and deep, and ambitious (and spontaneous), and I adore when authors/writers do something like that.

I definitely need to get a copy of Agua Viva, as well as a copy of Stephen King's On Writing, two books that are long overdue for me to purchase, as I've mentioned thm here and there over the years, and I think I will enjoy them immensely :)

back soon

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