Well, I updated the RDNS, but the domain still says it is parked at GoDaddy :/nnI will look into this further in a little bitnnFor now, more coffee, and preparing for the trip this afternoon to the ‘rents for the O’Family get together, and hanging Xmas lights, and yard work, etc etc. On the way back, I will do what I can to stop at Schnucks and get some nice iced coffee to keep me going with the Jekyll project throughout the remainder of the evening (if I am not dead tired by that point, lol).nnSo, exciting things are happening. Glad I am doing dev stuff again (not that I ever “stop” doing dev – but I DO take breaks every so often, to avoid burnout). And also glad that I am going to get ahold of the whole “git flow”/”git method”/”git protocol” thing ;)nnTime for coffee

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