We’re all egotists, right? I mean, even the most *moderate* user of Facebook will post something (photo/video/status/whatever) to derive some sort of jealousy from their friends/family (which is what makes FB *particularly* repugnant, to me) – and from there, things only escalate (quickly) across the WWW:nnGot a Twitter? You’re hoarding followers that try their best to kiss your ring.nnGot a YouTube channel? You’re low key trying to be an “influencer” (who, again, have many ring-kissers)nnGot a blog? You (or *I*) talk about yourself all day, and are self-obsessed, put yourselves above others.nnThe problem (here I go, trying to solve problems, again ;)) is that people may think they *have* to be this way. That they (myself, as well) cannot “keep their ego in-check”. But that is *precisely* what I try to do (online and IRL, as well – keep my ego in-check, that is). I have been around a lot of egotistical and even narcissistic people in life (both online and offline, again), and they are truly sick people, in every respect of the word. So, I try to *not* be an egotist. Humble pie isn’t poisoned! It tastes ok!nnAnd (pardon my French) but people are so lost in their own ass that they think their 100, 500, 1,000++ followers allow them to crown themselves the queens or kings of the planet. When in reality, there is absolutely *nothing* fungible about an online following, or Like counts, or shares, or anything else – and egotism/narcissism, regardless of it’s source(s), is *still* a toxic and negative influence on oneself and the world around them. nnSo, if *anyone* can point to *anything* (in this case social media) as a **source** for negative characteristics, wouldn’t the good and moral thing to do be to delete/remove said service(s) from one’s life? Do they *like* the feeling of being envied, admired, or (for some people) worshiped? I mean I won’t go into a whole psychological ramble about *why* people think this is a good or bad thing, but essentially, “grabbing attention” (for the sheer sake that one can) is not negative in and of itself, but done at-scale, and having a world (online) where it is a runaway epidemic of self-righteous narcissism, then wouldn’t one want to BE the change they want to see in the world, and NOT be that way?nnNow, conclusion: *will* anyone delete their social media platform(s) after having read this? No. Likely not. Their self-assured justification for their action(s) have already been carved into stone upon completion of one of the previous paragraphs, I am sure. But, what I am going to point out (again, and “just because”) is that here, this bloggo is (mostly) for me, and for those who **care** to read it, enjoy it, kill some time reading it, etc. and so forth – that is it’s function. For anyone reading – thank you! Whether reading something here was a one-stop-and-never-again ordeal, or you read every day – having something I wrote online being read by anyone is a blessing, really, and it is how I (mostly) utilize the Internet on a daily basis (writing frequently).nnOK, end of rant. Be back soon.nn

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