I suppose I slept from 10:30-ish until 1:30, and that is a small chunk of what I need, but I woke up and didn't dare feel like falling back asleep for unknown reasons, so here I am. It is still a priority of mine to get a LUCID memory foam/bamboo/charcoal-infused mattress in the near future, and that is definitely a "to-do" for February, but I am not worried about "plans" or "goals" in my immediate future, as I am far too concerned with remaining in the Here and Now :)

I just realized that I can host file uploads from the Ghost platform (even when self-hosting, apparently), and that would be a perfect opportunity for me to (finally) self-host my own downloads for The Zine Around The Corner, instead of relying on pCloud or ProtonDrive. But, I am sort of keeping things on olry(.co) in an ephemeral state right now. Sort of a moving/flowing type of a thing, without a lot of links or backlinks, or things to look at/see on the blog. But, I'll create a zine page here soon enough, I suppose. I like compiling a zine every now and again, but it is definitely not my full-time occupation, lol!

Same can be said for the old.leary music project I have going - nothing that will take up too much of my time, but it is a fun thing to do, and I can also self-host those audio files directly from Ghost software right here on olry.co in the future. That is a very nice feature to have (as otherwise I would be relying on SoundCloud to host the tracks, and that shit is lame, haha). Hell, I still have to pull those audio files from my phone and store them on my laptop, as well as on the external SSD that I just bought, let alone put them up on a website on the Internet. A lot to be done there.

Maybe I'll work on this stuff now, over coffee, for S&G's.

Back soon