I said I wouldn't buy anymore domains this year, but for the Parody Project (as I will call it) it was 100% necessary. I bought two cheapo domains, and more will be bought soon, as the domain names are part of the gimmick.

I also made progress on the impromptu Carrd.co site, and will add more to it (a LOT more, I would imagine) over time. And also, I figure I can learn the in's and out's of DNSimple when I transfer over these newly-purchased domains (as well as my "regular/standard" domains). For now though, I didn't spring for the $60 per year for DNSimple, as I had monies to pay back to people + a birthday gift to buy, etc., so my $$$ was tied up in February, but March I can definitely get DNSimple. And as far as moving this bloggo over to "tmo.name" (a URL which I love and will keep), I am not going to even bother doing that entire song and dance. "olry.co" is just fine for this bloggo. I might use "tmo.name" somewhere else in the future. I don't know.

Thanx (or "thanx.cc") will likely be recreated via Carrd.co, as well (where it started), but I'm not 100% sure about that at the moment. Not too worried about it, as I have other ish to concern myself with :)

back soon