Breezy outside, light rain in the forecast, and I am about to step out on the balcony and have a smoke of Solani mixed with Paladin Black Cherry tobacco, as I blended a bit of the two together in an old tin some days ago, and they should be nice and “melded” together by now.nn58F, very nice. Will step out there soon.nnAbout a week away from my birthday – 38. Looking forward to it. Everyone will get together at the ‘rents house the day after tomorrow (Saturday) just because we feel like it, but also to kinda/sorta acknowledge my birthday. When you’re older, birthdays become less eventful unless it is a “milestone” of a year. For example, we are getting together at Crusoe’s Restaurant (down the block from me) for my 40th birthday, and that will be a lot of fun. Planning to rent one (or, the *only*) private room they have there. Two years to go.nnBut this year – just 38. No big deal ;)nn

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