a laundry day bit of stuff to do

I went to the store with my caseworker. Got goods I need. She also confirmed that she can take me FROM Independence Center on Friday, but that I would need to arrange my own way there. I call tomorrow at 7:30 AM (like all mornings) to see if Metro can get me to IC on Friday. Be it 8, 9, 10, or 11 AM - I will take any of those times. I will also write a follow-up e-mail to IC to see about future (consistent!) transport to/from IC, because Metro is NOT consistent in any way. In five weeks, and calling every morning, seven days a week, I have been able to successfully secure four(4) rides to IC. So, they can not be relied on.

I will see what resources are available.

And yea, I am doing laundry, and cleaned the kitchen.

Budget for October is mostly finished, too. Incl a new LUCID mattress, as the old one, and the other oldER one are completely worn the fuck out, and I can barely sleep on either one. I will go with a Twin, 8-inch, Extra Firm model for $139 in October, and then I will arrange for "Junk King" to come haul away the two old mattresses.

Also in the budget are clothing items. As I need some Winter gear. I ordered Levi's recently, and a pair of Darn Tough socks (a brand), and those will arrive soon. My current LL Bean socks (a single pair) are completely worn out and have no elasticity in the ankle cuff. Darn Tough socks are heralded by AT and PCT and CDT thru-hikers alike, and oftentimes the people who complete those trails will claim that a single pair of DT socks got them through the entirety of their trek. I had a pair of below-ankle DT socks once, and I lost one (somehow), and when one goes, the other is useless. Like the Family Guy joke about Russian cartoons - "shoe and shoelace - one is useless without the other" ::Soviet music plays:: LMAO!

And in the Winter gear list, I have a black sweatshirt with Mickey Mouse that I am likely to order. Why? I don't know. Thought I'd like it :) And also Sanuk slip-on hemp shoes, as Sanuk shoes have never let me down in the 8+ years I have ordered from them (this will be the fourth pair of kicks from them), and those will be a purchase I make in October, too. NB are great, but the NB kicks from last November (on my feet right now) wore holes in the toes within 30 days, and a lot of their shoes have sort of experimental materials/design, so to hell with that. I'll go with what works (and fits) for ME!

Other budget items are normal, as-is.

Fetching laundry here in a moment, and finishing coffee


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