I’m up at 10:30, which is *kinda* late at night. Definitely not early in the day. And usually (well for a while, anyway), it would be a time where I would get a boost of energy and find something to do – be it writing, web dev, or anything else. But with the lack of sleep I have been getting, I don’t have a sudden *burst* of energy that I usually would. I’m as rested as I can be, that is until my mattress seems to cave in and whatever limb I am laying on goes numb from my own body weight. I am a side-sleeper so always laying on one of my arms *and* one of my legs is completely unavoidable, and therefore I need a FIRM mattress to support that sleep style. The goal is to order an extra firm mattress straight away, and LUCID makes a bamboo/charcoal-infused mattress that is just that – extra firm – and it runs for under $200, so I am pretty sure that is what I will order. The Casper Element mattress is just too pricey for me at the moment (the CE runs for $400). And *when* this (LUCID) mattress is ordered, I will put the bed frame back to it’s initial position in the bedroom (looking OUT towards the living room) because that is where a bed is most comfortable for me in my apartment, I think. nnAnyway, the energy levels will be low until then, I am guessing. Once I get into the flow of getting good sleep, which should happen straight away, then I will have more energy to expel at night, write, do dev, or whatever the case may be. I will also have energy and enthusiasm to get in more hikes. Or *any* hikes (it’s been since October!) It’s amazing how much of life revolves around good sleep.nnBack later

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