I sat at the edge of my bed, having a cigarette and sipping water, when I was thinking of writing - Big writers (Stephen King, Hunter S Thompson, Truman Capote), and how they all had a "liberty" with their words, and (mostly), they all wrote of things that were not true, but written as if they are true: Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" was considered one of the first "non-fiction novels", Hunter S Thompson was brilliant at putting together exaggerated short stories and articles, Stephen King, hell, the guy practically believes everything he has written over the years, even though it's nearly all fiction (the guy is nuts!).

So, that is when the (or a) formula sort of "got" me: write things that are not real events, but narrate them as if they actually happened. Kind of like written acting, in a sense.

Now, that is not was this journal is, nor is it what it will become, but, I am going to have an outlet, online, somewhere, that is this form of writing, I think.

[ one minute later ]

OK, I just checked, and the "pen name" (or name, in general) is not being used (or not optimized for SEO very well) online, so I will put this writing form under the "pen" name TM Mox. Of course, this blog is called TMO (as my online journals have been named for some time), but TM is, of course, my initials, and Mox is an old handle I used online way back when (I think I referred to myself as "Tommy Moxley" at one point in the early-2000's). So, TM Mox will do.

There we go :)

Believing what is written - there's the name of the game 👍