Since my good *and* bad cholesterol is down, I decided to make a second walk to Schnucks today, and bought eggs, hamburger buns (sans hamburger), and a small bag of avocados. This is to make both eggs sammys *and* avo sammys (individually, not combining the two). Eggs are high in “OK” cholesterol (a bit of the good, a bit of the bad), and avos are high in GOOD cholesterol, so, I am having both because the bad cholesterol is low (so it is safe to go higher, no worries there), and the good cholesterol is low (and it NEEDS to go higher, so I am not at risk).nnMake sense? Good ;)nnI already had an avo sammy since walking in the door, was delish, will have again. In fact, I had the avo sammy and had a short nap after flipping the mattress (again) because it was screwed up somehow, so now I am rested and cholesterol’d up, ready for the evening, haha!nnTomorrow, at noon, I have my therapy appointment. Will last about an hour, looking forward to it.nnThat’s the details of the day. Back later.

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