I need groceries, and a lot of them, so I will have them delivered here, instead of me going there to get them. I’m on-foot, so I wouldn’t be able to carry much back at one time, anyway. Simple things are being ordered, (a lot of the same, habitual things – but a diverse amount of stuff), but the *best* things cannot be ordered (Kent mangoes, organic oranges, etc.) because they are neither in-season, nor appetizing when I’ve seen them on the store shelves. Sort of half-rotten mangoes and oranges, from what I can tell. So, I’ll get other stuff, instead.nnAnyway, the day rolls around to 3:00 PM, and I think (or take notice of) how it seems to be a bit difficult to sustain a “cheery” mood for me lately. And to be honest, I’ve been super focused on just feeling “normal” after the pains I experienced in January/February – infected root in a chipped tooth (later extracted), re-injuring my back a bit before that, and then the viral infection. So, now that I am sort of “back to normal”, I need to re-figure out how to be in a *good* mood again. So much of my time/energy was spent just avoiding pain for two months, and I need to reorient myself (to use a term from another blogger) to the comings and goings of everyday life.nnSo, I hope I come around to this. Optimism is a good thing, and I tend to be a positive person, so I want to more or less keep it that way :)nnback soon

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