Made it to the sister’s house just a little bit ago. Xmas Day was good, had good food, good company, good times :)nnAs far as gifts (which are fun, but of course not necessary), I got a Chromecast (newest model, w/ remote), and a few other tidbits, and I am happy about that. I also got Amazon giftcards, lol. I do not have an Amazon account, so I will have to have someone else order something for me, because I am not creating a new account to place an order. Sticking to principles, as usual. Of course I am grateful for anything at all.nnIt’s 4:45 now, and it will be a bit before I A) have the house to myself, and B) rig up the new Chromecast to my sister’s TV for some impromptu video viewing. Right now, Xmas music is playing while everyone power naps before their road trip (I slept a tad, too (or tried – I was *tired*!))nnHope everyone is doing well, making this Xmas a good one.nnback later

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