Talked about things that needed to be talked about: a possible medication change (which has been an ongoing conversation), my newfound interest in geocaching, web dev habits and maintaining some form of routine with that hobby, etc. A good sesh, indeed.

Also, had a raw avo for lunch just now, and it is good to get in the healthy fats after a decent workout this AM (I think I got in about three miles total on the hike). I am also very glad that I got the hike in! Definitely felt good, was peaceful. Perhaps five people on the trail, total. Late-January hikes are rare for me, as it is usually blisteringly cold outside this time of year, but 32F didn't seem half bad this AM, so off I went! :)

Still excited/enamored with all things hiking, backpacking, nature (and now geocaching) as I have been since...2010, I suppose, lol! Definitely feeling like I am back in some sort of "flow" that I hadn't been in since I injured my leg in November 2021 - that slowed down a LOT of stuff (unfortunately), and now I am back to "regular pace" ;)

I am a bit tired, though (even though I got in seven hours of sleep), because hikes always make me tired after I've come back home and had a few minutes to "calm down" from all the activity. But I had espresso, and am now having a pop (real healthy, right?), so I should be awake for the day (or I hope I am). I will also get in some resistance bands exercises tonight. So, a full day of good activities!

Ok, back soon