Made it home. Had good sweet potatoes (yams), mashed potatoes, rolls, pumpkin pie…and that was it (because vegetarian). Delightful. Saw dogs, cats, babies, the whole family (or immediate family + some extended family) – good times, indeed. nnNow, home. Having coffee and a Lucky Strike. And I am *tried* from all the socializing, I guess. Hopefully the coffee picks me up a little bit. My leg is doing OK, too. No bad pain or anything today, and more or less walking pretty normal on it. Still on the mend, but doing OK.nnTomorrow, Black Friday (the *worst* day of the year, in my opinion). But luckily, none of the family are going out in it, participating in any of that chaos. I know *I* am not.nnI need rest right now, though. Gonna finish this coffee, sit back, and chill.nnBack later

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