a glitch in the people watching matrix

I've learned a new skill, took up a new hobby, became proficient in a new trait, am certified in a specific specialty - people watching. I do it all the time now. I sit on the balcony, smoking, having a pop or a coffee, and just observe the folks coming and going and doing their thing. I wrote about it already here, so I won't babble on about what it is.

I just noticed something when people watching, though. I was observing some 50-ish/60-ish year old man walk by, I am not sure of his age, let's call him 58 1/2, and he was wearing a yellow shirt and jean shorts, and he was passing between the opening in the trees along the far side of the sidewalk. I watched him walk by, looking very steady and non-wobbly on his path, and then I glanced away to puff a cig, watching some birds fly by, and perhaps 30 seconds pass, and then THERE HE IS AGAIN! Walking the same path! The same length of distance!

It was like deja vu, only it happened but 30 seconds from the previous memory! So, I do not know what he was doing, or what happened. Those 30 seconds of his travels are lost to me forever. And I won't bother to wrap my head around what could have happened, or explain it, because there are better things to do in life. But, it was a double-feature, and I am fine with that ;)

Speaking of this "matrix" I mentioned (as a joke), there are apparently Reddit threads where people honestly, truly, with sincerity in their heart, think that the world (and their life) is a simulation. Like, the movie The Matrix is a fucking documentary or something.

Sad, poor, sick people. Indeed.

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