a fun little workout

Did the resistance bands workout this evening, as I do every other night. Definitely felt good, and I think I am getting fairly decent results. Feels nice/healthy, either way, but even better when I can look (and flex) in the mirror, and see a bit of a size improvement. I'm no Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the days of amateur/wanna-be bodybuilding are long over for me (though I had an immense interest and effort into the "craft"/lifestyle/hobby between the ages of 16-19). I'll of course never be some resilient-as-fuck 18 year old, again, but I definitely can keep up with what's what in my age bracket, and perhaps "out-perform" others in the age brackets I'll belong to in years to come (in regards to being in better health than, say, the average 50 year old American man - who could be in all kinds of different lifestyle-induced dire straights).

I'm 38 now, and I already refer to myself as "near 40", because my 30's fucking sucked (sorry for the blunt words, my God, when did I start dropping the "f bomb" like it was saying "howdie do?"). But, my 30's were trash. Mania leading into the decade, sort of a weird sideways/downward spiral into borderline clinical depression up until 35, and then I turned things around. Decided that feeling GOOD and the deserving OF feeling GOOD was better than pity. So, I altered some things. Now, with 39 a few months away, I just say "I'm nearly 40", and have all the cultural references and memories from yester-yesteryear to confirm as such.

I don't think much on nostalgia, though. I don't like it very much. And it's just sort of a thing that anyone/everyone can and will have the ability to "tap into" when they reach a certain point in their time. I mean, I could have said "oh, back in the 80s, when..." back when I was some young pup in the early-90s, but I'd get cross looks for A) not being far from that era, and B) being a ratty little kid who didn't know/care about the difference between this era or that era, because all I had was a fistful of years to my name to begin with. LOL!

But, I think nostalgia should be avoided in my life, mostly.

Then there's music. Meaning old music from a time when I was NOT here. A time which I cannot actually feel nostalgia for, but instead form a mental concept OF that time, and then reverse engineer some type of imagined "what it must've been like - mmm, those were good days" sort of mindset - which is actually a thing other people (not just me) have gone through, or "self-perceived" by listening to older music (60s-era, 70s-era, etc.). It's certainly bizarre, and I avoid all that shit, too (the nostalgia perception - not the music. The music from those decades is incredible!).

So, nostalgia, be it 100% "justified" and legit, or some form of perceived yesteryear "(good) times gone by" type of pseudo experience illusion, none of it is good/relevant, and runs counter to what IS and what is NOW.

So here's to the current. The Here. The what's ahead. The tomorrow's and the days following!

Off to tea/lemonade on the balcony to soak in the hot breeze :)


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