I think I am a bit stunted (mentally, and probably physically, as well) from the lack of fruits I have consumed over the past several months. It's not like there is no fruit in St Louis, and it is not like I am in a "nutritional desert", or anything like that - it is that I have not really had proper rides to go buy (large amounts of) fruit (which I cannot exactly carry 10+ pounds of fruit home a quarter of a mile, at least not without some discomfort). And also, the fruit at my local Schnucks have been SOO pathetic! Tiny little Fuji or/and Gala Apples, green (almost dark green) bananas (AKA not ripe, at all), and NO mangos to speak of (as they are only avail at my local grocer when the are in-season, which currently, they are not). And of course, the organic oranges, which have been dry as could be. That, or they have actually been somewhat moldy within just a day or so after buying them. And mostly all of this revolves around the fact that I prefer tropical fruit(s) (oranges, mangos, bananas, etc.) and those should never be exposed to cold temps - like, ever! Even walking home a short distance in the sub-freezing temps can "fxxx them up" and mke them have a shorter shelf life, than if I had immediately brought them out to a/the car. Or better yet, just bought them in-season and didn't have to worry about all of that.

So, this Summer, I am going "double-time" on fruit :) I mean, I already consume mostly fruit during the Summer months (and perhaps late-Spring and early-Fall, as well), but, I would like to set a new "record" for me. Currently, I have gone four(4) days of eating nothing but fruit. I will try to make it six(6) days on a fruit-only diet this Summer (or whenever the fruits actually start to look desireable/edible in this general area). I could just say "fxxx it" and make it an even week - but no. I am going to ease into increasing my fruit(arian) habits. Going from 4 to 6 days in a row? OK, easy. From 4 to 7? No. Not at this point. I can't describe why.

And it will be the usual "raw til 6:00" attitude I have during the Summer, as well. This is by no means an "official" schedule I keep, but I tend to eat fruit for breakfast whenever I have it on hand, and then just continue "grazing" on it throughout the day, and then when 6:00 PM rolls around, I will make something cooked (vegetarian). There is a "diet" book (and series of videos, I am sure) called "raw til 4:00" that is floating about, but I pay no attention to it. I don't care about diet books whatsoever.

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