Just writing BS for the sake of writing BS. Which I guess *could* be considered a legitimate entry, but I try to keep journal entries/blog posts in a more relevant realm when I write them out. No excuses for poor writing (or at least poor writing *subjects*, anyway), just a flow of whatever the hell happens to come to mind, and then corresponding those words via keyboard. nnI think W.a replaced Twitter for me in a lot of ways. I mean, after 10 years of hammering out little, superficial “micro thoughts” in a Tweet box, and then needing to start some form of thread in order to get out *everything* I wanted to say, and then *managing* that thread format (instead of just SAYING whatever it is I wanted to say), and then having to be exposed to the Like-or-No-Like/Retweet-or-No-Retweet paradigm of the service – it was a terrible stressor. None of that occurs on W.a, and I highly appreciate that.nnBut, the frequency, the text-oriented format of **blogging**, as in, blogging blogging, and NOT microblogging – it is by far and away a better form of communicating what someone *actually* wants to say, instead of having some arbitrary limit on characters. I can understand charcter limitations for *some* services (such as **Thanx**!), but for general communication with/to/from other people – it doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever.nnI don’t think *most* people could go this route, though. That is, give up any form of social media and replace it with XYZ things, because I truly do think that many people lack interest in things (like, *any* thing) and don’t have hobbies, etc. Instead, they have full-time jobs or/and children or/and entertainment shows, or whatever the case. Which is fine…as long as social media doesn’t get in the way of working for a living, or raising a child, or being less entertained, I suppose.nnIt makes me think back to a video done by Weezy Waiter on YouTube, where him and his wife give up the Internet for a month, and his wife said something to the effect of how she actually *discovered* and *curated* new interests when she couldn’t “just go online”, and when it came time for her return to the Internet, she wanted to avoid the social media aspects of it.nnShe’s probably a unique case, because I know a *lot*, a Lot, a LOT of people (unfortunately) who don’t have a heartbet in terms of self-curated interests in life, in their surroundings, in the world. I am not coming down on these people (who could essentially be *anyone*, so who gives a fxxx if I am referencing them in particular?), just saying that hella folks would be without a pulse of personal interests if it weren’t some feed in front of their face 24/7. nnWhatever. It’s disgusting.nnBack later.

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