The Wayback Machine (Internet Archive) is a useful tool.nnI happened across the logo for my first blog:nn![](https://i.snap.as/ChLR1zMa.png)n(notice the letters being like that of the HOLLYWOOD sign – not a mistake)nnAnd also my first personal blog, in 2014:nn![](https://i.snap.as/NTZ0EfgU.png)n(I liked the use of the antenna tower from NN, so I used something similar here)nnAnd (surprisingly) a single photo exists of when I had the 2015 MacBook Pro (which lasted five months or so before deciding I had to sell it to start paying back $3K+ in debt):nn![](https://i.snap.as/GnANBTpT.png)n(I don’t know what tablet that is, but probably a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8)nnI also managed to read through a few old blog posts from Tomskee(.com) and saved one that I sort of liked in particular (through a Copy > Paste job, not “saving” it). And here is that:nn**50 pt bllt pt 2 be a bttr prsn**nn- assume people have good intentionsn- don’t eat meatn- drink lots of tean- use the internet all you want, but be self aware that it is probably unnecessaryn- admit to your mistakesn- acknowledge your accomplishmentsn- just never watch tv againn- get fresh airn- save moneyn- enjoy the city, but spend time in the countryn- traveln- streamline work into a minimalist flow to where you don’t have to think about what to do nextn- work lessn- declutter possessionsn- meditaten- skip, block, ignore, avoid all advertisingn- love yourselfn- practice whatever religion you like or no religion & don’t judge others on theirsn- adopt any political party you want or no political party & don’t judge others on theirsn- listen to music everydayn- don’t shop too much but the stuff you do buy, make sure is high qualityn- get plenty of sleepn- love the sunn- go campingn- try to go to an area where you can see the milky way as many times as you can a yearn- visit the oceann- watch sunsets, all of them. If you can’t, watch sunrises. If you still can’t, go somewhere where you can.n- take up hobbies, many of themn- dress the way you want to dressn- be honestn- be vulnerablen- find someone who understands youn- stay around people who like you regardless of what you are like on a bad dayn- realize we are all one, one consciousness, one earth, & it is our similarities that bring us together, not pointing out differencesn- the past represents regret, the future represents anxiety, be in the Nown- do things that make you happy, just becausen- breathe deepn- catch up with old friends, not on Facebook, get their number & call them & go out for coffeen- let things take your breath awayn- if you love someone, tell them thatn- learn from your mistakesn- write: letters, diary entries, books, write whatever you like but get it on papern- go where makes you comfortablen- pet animals as soon as you see themn- don’t get caught up in trendsn- don’t listen to other people if they are making you feel bad, good advice feels goodn- only read reliable newsn- make it a habit to read the news, not watch itn- read booksn- feel ok about not eating outn- if you do want to, it is ok to eat alonenn…I don’t know if I agree with all of those points 100% still, but most of them seem pretty good :)nnback soon

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