I need to walk to Schnucks for a few things, but the moms offered to have some stuff delivered from Target, because she has a huge credit at that store, and she doesn't know if she will spend it all. So, I am getting a few "hold me over" type of things from there either today or tomorrow.

Also, my stomach meds were delivered (they knocked when I was in the shower, so they clipped it to the thing next to the front door). Glad I have stomach meds now, as I was out of the Prilosec. And tomorrow, therapy (virtual, Google Duo), and that will be at noon. Nothing too "special" to talk about there, but it is always therapeutic to...do therapy, haha.

Now, piping hot coffee.

I am still surprised I was able to put out (or had the creative energy to compile) Issue. 7 of The Zine Around The Corner linked here. I just started browsing through the Smol.pub/feed, and saw AntennaZINE and some other stuff (like SmolZINE) and thought: "I need to put out another issue of TZATC!" Of course this issue, Issue. 7, is simply a compilation of about four or five blog posts, with a nice cover, and designed via Carrd.co (I design it like a landing page, and then screenshot it, and then crop, and then add it to Google Drive (which is where I put together every issue of TZATC)). I certainly DO intend to make physical copies of "the zine", but there hasn't been too much critical mass or outreach for me to print/ship any copies of it, but I could technically accept payment via Stripe, or Google Pay, or something on Gumroad if I wanted to (just to cover shipping costs). And, obviously, I would need to have some copies on-hand, and ready to ship (incl cardboard sleeve envelopes, etc.) so no one would be waiting around for weeks for me to print/ship the thing. I would want it in the mail day-of receiving payment. But in the meantime, because can print out their own PDF copies of the zine (after downloading it) from the link above :)

Anyway, I will look into the Gumroad thing in a little bit here. Back soon.