a fast post about complaints (though, this post is NOT a complaint)

Have you seen the movie The Social Dilemma? It's mostly preposterous. Not that social media isn't BAD (it is!), or the stuff within the movie isn't sorta, in some ways true - it's that it picks apart the overly nuanced and details about social media addiction.

Essentially it's like trying to comprehend WHY gambling addiction is bad. Or perhaps why chemical addiction(s) are bad. The latter, people can point directly to biological health, and say: "yep, keep this up and you'll die!" The former, life just kind of gets continually worse, and is basically akin to having long term clinical depression. And gambling and social media addiction are one in the same (or at least so insanely similar, that it's best to avoid both).

And now I see post after post (sounds complaint-y (sorry about that)) of people going on diatribes (sometimes on a social platforms like Mastodon, where they are limited to like 500 characters - so not everything comes out, which is both sad and tragic) about how Instagram is "not the same", and Henny Penny, the sky is falling, yada yada.

And in these smol rants, people attempt to explain why their use of the platform (Instagram) is this way or that way, and sort of explaining, yet simultaneously justifying, all in the same paragraph, why they do what they do. It's a fucking cherade, and it's what a LOT of people are on about in the past week.

And again, I certainly put no genuine energy nor effort to sway anyone to quit Instagram. I put shit like this on tmo.name, and have MY two cents about Instagram or/and all social media, but I don't/can't do anyone else's heavy lifting for them, so it is, in fact, a futile lost cause for anyone to try to make/convince someone to stop an addiction.

And some folks think (or claim, publicly, untruthfully) that they are god's special sunbeam, and they are not "in a habit" with social media use, or have their time(s) compartmentalized for use of those services - bullshit. I'm not "buying" that, because no one is that controlled or "disciplined".

So, that's all I'll say on this subject.

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