Had Penne pasta cooked in vegetable broth, and then put Philadelphia Cream Cheese on that (a small amount), and also cooked a handful of Normandy Blend vegetables in a small amount of butter - topped with Italian seasonings, black pepper, and a dash of sea salt. Was a good veggie-centric meal w/ a dash of dairy thrown in. Tasty, indeed :P

Now, I sit up and write. And I think sometime around noon tomorrow I head out to get necessary goods for the home (and of course groceries - mostly fruit). So, I will be ready to go when noon rolls around tomorrow.

At some point, I have to return the 'rents Xmas tree to their house. It is already taken down, and has been sitting in it's box in my bedroom for nearly four weeks now. The ornaments I will simply keep here in my closet, as there is no need to bring those back and forth. And I will aim to do a real tree next year (likely from Karsch's Village Market in Imperial, Missouri). It will be a "Snoopy tree", or, a tree that is in the 2.5 foot varietal, as that is what makes sense for an apartment as small as mine. I like having little (real) trees for Xmas - they're "easy". But as of now, I can barely think of Xmas, or any holiday, because "the holidays" are over, and I am glad everyone and everything has more or less gotten back into the swing of things.

Low of 6 degrees tonight. Not unusual this time of year, so I am not surprised at all. No clue when it will warm up to be hiking weather again, but when it does, I will be out there in it. Especially after I pay for the Premium account on Geocaching.com, which I plan to use often. What a great service! :)

I am going to "decomission" the "tmo.name" URL from W.a later on, and keep the old/dead W.a blog as "write.as/tmo" (as that is what it was for nearly four years, anyway), and then use "tmo.name" for...some other project in the future. I don't know. Maybe I will use it towards my ProtonMail address, as I have a "Plus" account on PM, too, and I can just be "hi@tmo.name", or some shit. And while I am at it, I will delete the other (old, unused) domains from my GoDaddy account. In fact, while I'm at it, I need to transfer domains from my GoDaddy account to some other domain registrar - because GoDaddy is garbage that tries to upsell me on literally everything. Noted.

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