Slept from maybe 1:00 AM until 7:20, and the sleep was *much* needed. However, I had a toothache before then (hopefully none of that today), and a *terrible* headache (which Tylenol didn’t help). I feel OK now, and I just got up and started coffee, and will walk to Schnucks later and pick up a few things.nnI don’t know if the tobacco order will arrive today. Still says “Arriving Late” on Informed Delivery, so, who knows? I will keep track of it though, and contact the Post Office if I have to to see what the hell is going on with it, if it comes down to that.nnThe coffee is delightful. I will make my way to Schnucks at about 9:00 or 9:30, and am looking forward to the short walk. I need fresh air, badly (even if it is ice cold fresh air).nnAlso, the sun will be out mostly all day today. I need that, too (psychologically).nnBack later

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