The reason I think I am getting the computer desk (which is actually marketed as a large writer’s desk), is because the moms asked if it was OK if she had the desk shipped directly to me (which I said “yes” (which I must remind her of my *exact* address, because she often gets it wrong)). So, if I do get the desk, there are two setups I could do with it:nn1) put it in front of the window in the bedroom, use the desk for writing with the laptop, keep it mostly minimal with a laptop stand and MX Keys keyboard and mouse, and not much else on the desk.nnORnn2) put the desk in the living room, having it flanked by speakers (which I would keep the speakers in that case – as they would get much more use), and get a dedicated DAC (something similar to the gaming DAC I mentioned the other night), and some other utilitarian or/and decorative bits and bobs.nnIn all likelihood, it would go in the living room at first, because I will use the desk for the TV (when I receive it in January), and then eventually get a TV stand somewhere down the line. nnSo, that’s where I stand with that. One or the other. Excited about it, either way.nnBeen wanting a desk setup in the apartment since forever, as the built-in desk in the living room/kitchen leaves a bit to be desired. The kitchen desk is roughly the same size as the desk I am getting, but the kitchen surface still has to be used as a kitchen table, sometimes, so things have to be able to be moved out of the way on a daily basis, limiting what I can do with it. Also, a lot of (wired) components look ugly just plopped in the middle of the desk in my kitchen – it’s just an odd thing to have consumer electronics on the kitchen space. I like that HST may have done it this way (he had his typewriter and other gear in a kitchen/living room setup, in many photos) but I am no HST. nnMaking the living room desk setup even *more* appealing, is the dark forest tapestry I just hung up the other day – it looks fxxxing boss! In fact, the whole living room has come together quite nicely in the past year (AKA since I moved into this apartment unit), and most of those changes have happened in the past six months.nnIt’ll all come together here soon. Looking forward!

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