I went to the doc today (a NP), and she is somewhat stumped as to what could be going on with my lower-left abdomen. I have a continual soreness internally there, but no diagnosis, nor leads as to what that diagnosis could be. I am getting a CT scan (w/ contrast) in the next five or so days, so that might reveal something. Something non-threatening *and* that we can take care of, hopefully. I also got bloodwork done today, and I seem to be in the healthy/”green zone” with nearly every test they ran. AKA, I’m healthy! :)nnSo, good!nnMost of the day was Starvation City, though. I was waiting for a small loan from a family member to arrive through the USPS, and the mail didn’t run until 5:30 PM, and I had but a single slice of American cheese in that time, and one apple sometime before sunrise before that. No soda, and my last cup of camp/cowboy coffee was brewed at 2:30 AM this morning. Wow! What a day!nnAfter the mail came through, I talked to Neighbor “S”, as I owed him $1.50 (us broke folks really wheel and deal in the big bucks, lmao!), and he asked if I could get him a $1 bottle of Fireball Whiskey instead of paying him back the $1.50, so he didn’t have to be exposed to the heat/sun. I agreed (even though I am a non-drinker), and got myself a 1 Liter Diet Pepsi and a bag of seemingly flavorless potato chips. The chips – a waste of money. Like stale Cheetos. The Diet Pepsi – also a waste of money, for whatever reason it had gone flat even though it had not been opened before. So I handed off the chips and soda to Neighbor “S” along with his Fireball and went to the laundromat and bought a can of Dr Pepper and guzzled that SOB down as soon as I could. LOL!nnThen, a sweaty walk to Schnucks for some proper food. Party Pizzas (2), and some Mt Dew, etc. And, of course, instant coffee 🙂 nnMore stuff can/will be bought in the future, but I am a one-day-at-a-time type of grocery shopper. I like daily walks, choosing what “fits” me for that day.nnAnd, I had a psych appt via phone call this afternoon, as well. Nothing exciting happening there. An increase in my psych med, as the current dose is a “temporary increase” to cycle onto the higher mg. I hope the new dose helps out, both long term and short term.nnNow, I have a mini ‘za to make. nnback soon

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