I went to BP, bought a Red Bull and smokes (because I'm a terrible person ;)). And it was a cold walk to/from BP, even though it's been sunny all day and felt (from inside) like it would be be warm outside, but it was not. 25 degrees. Frigid.

Now, the sun is slowly starting to set, and I will flip on the new Wyze lamp (pictured below):

...and have some light in this room for once and for all. There are no ceiling lights in here, and the bathroom/closet lights only do so much. Hopefully the Wyze lamp keeps it lit :D

The dev stuff I didn't do, yet. I fired up the VPS, but didn't put a domain on the Linode Nameservers, or fuss with the host or hostname files or anything like that for the FQDN, but, I will do so shortly here, I think. Shortly thereafter, I will do stuffs in relation to getting "git" on the VPS (as I mentioned, I already have it local on the MBA via Homebrew). While I am at it, I will do my usual song and dance of getting a LAMP stack put on the VPS, because that is basically the first thing I do after getting the domain pointing the right way. Then...who knows what I will get into?

Right Now, I just feel like passively smoking and writing, haha. It's 4:34 PM, I have nothing special going on. I was thinking about looking at the March budget, but really, I just want to keep it open, not fuss with this and that, and kind of make decisions towards the end of the month.

What I will do (in a few minutes) is shave this preposterous moustache off, because I look silly with one. I always preferred the smooth "baby face" appearance on me. My late-Father was the same way - always a short military fade type of haircut and a clean shave. I am with him on the clean shave part, but when it comes to hair, I could do nearly anything in terms of length, styles, whatever. I rarely get the same haircut two months in a row. I was thinking of shaving it (bald) again, but I will likely grow it a bit on top, shave the sides/back to a #1 length buzz. But that is neither here nor there right now. I just need to rid myself of "the 'stache".

back soon