Started the day by going to Schnucks (like most days). Then spent the rest of the morning/early-afternoon terribly frustrated. With the lack of content online, with myself, with myself for being frustrated about the lack of content online. I'm fxxxing shallow. Haha.

Then, I opened up the sliding glass door, which I am not supposed to do, because I have a radon detector in my house (until at least tomorrow), and it will fxxx up the reading if I have a fan going, or open door, or anything like that. But I decided to not care about the detector or it's reading, because I am getting done no favors by sucking in recycled air for two days in mid-Spring, so unless they compensate me for my troubles - that radon detector can fly a kite.

They didn't say anything about smoking indoors, either. Which (again), I couldn't care less. So I am having HH Old Dark Fired out of the new corncob pipe (with the door open), and feeling fairly decent. It's a dark fired Kentucky blend, with Virginia, and perhaps some Latakia in there. I think there is a third ingredient, but I do not know what it is.

I will do laundry tomorrow morning. Even though I just did laundry the other day. I have plenty of money on my laundry card, so it doesn't matter. But this week went faster than most weeks, really.

I wish I had weed. LOL! I remember having weed for the first time in a LONG time when I was living in St Louis in 2015, and some vagabond dude who I gave a couple bucks to at a BP gas station on South Grand Blvd asked if I wanted to buy weed - so he was both begging and selling (clever?). I bought some frivolous amount and went back to my apartment and sat in the bathtub (with it empty) and smoked a makeshift bowl of it. It got me soo friggin' high! Haha! It was a big mood shift for me, in life, in general. I was always "worked up" before that, and it was just what the doctor ordered. So, I need/want that again. To have a big "mood shift" in life. To get/stay calm more often. Not get annoyed so easily. Some of it is bloood pressure, some of it is thought patterns, some of it is both - but, I NEED to see some change, I think.

Now, I sip a Diet Mt Dew, and enjoy the HH Old Dark Fired. Staying calm. Relaxing. Back later.