I change out loads in 1/2 hournnTried writing three posts this morning, deleted them all. Can’t write correctly, somehow.nnBeen watching YT videos (after sub’ing to a lot of channels), and I sometimes feel “odd” or “bad” when I click away from a 10+ minute long video after watching for 5 minutes, because I *know* that YT will not count it is “a view”. And YouTube likely allocates advertisement dollars differently for non-full-views on videos, as well (I would assume, why *wouldn’t* they find a way to screw over creators?). At least I am lead to believe these things because I have seen people in their YT “community” (fan) feed say as much (“be *sure* to BOTH Like AND Comment, otherwise YT won’t recognize blah blah blah”). And it’s amusing if/when a creator gets upset with **viewers** – people who can be doing anything with their time but choose to devote a segment of it to watching a certain person’s content – instead of getting upset with **YouTube** for being such an overreaching monopoly and having BS for-profit algorithms in place that gives *nothing* to creators and generates *so much* money for YouTube.nnPeerTube (realistically) cannot happen, because of streaming, storage, and synchronization issues (plus I hear that hosting a PT instance is complicated as fxxx). Vimeo and Daily Motion have been segregated to near non-existence, because YouTube *needs* them to be there to namedrop them in Congress when (like many times before) they (YouTube) are called to argue against “how, exactly, are they *not* a monopoly?”. Any other co posing a semblance of a threat gets bought out. Others, don’t stand a chance.nnSo, it’s kind of an “awkward middle ground” that people have to ride in order to have a successful (and competitive) series of **multiple** co’s in the online video space (that is, videos generated by average people – not Netflix or Disney+ or some sxxx like that).nnThat’s all. Good morning, and maybe someday we’ll figure it out.nn

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