a concert-less life

I'm a weirdo.

I am almost 40 years old, and I never had a driver's license (ever, just a permit briefly when I was 15/16), and I have only been to ONE concert in my life - Van's Warped Tour 2014.

I once saw Sheryl Crow perform a single song at the VP Fair in St Louis in the mid-1990s, now called Fair St Louis, which happens during the three days leading up to July 4 every year.

Don't remember the song, but she was popular back then

Warped Tour was awesome. I had my hair dyed near white that day, and FOR a day, and shaved it bald the next day, because I didn't like how it looked. But the bands I saw were Echosmith, Teenage Bottlerocket, MC Chris, Idols For Hire (is the name?), Imagine Dragons (or was it I Fight Dragons?), Less Than Jake, and some over-the-top popular band in their respective scene  - either Motionless In White or Black Veil Brides or someone in that counter genre of some sort. Falling In Reverse was playing that evening, but we left just after sunset, because we didn't want to fight the insane traffic/congestion when we left. A "smart" move, but we should have just stayed and enjoyed FIR.

My friend, "C" called the Echosmith show "KiddieStock", because it was mainly teenagers with flowers in their hair and hippy-dippy clothes - like a teen Woodstock, which, I guess Woodstock was mostly teenagers, too, albeit with better music most of the time. But I always liked Echosmith, and I wanted to see them perform "Cool Kids", so I made my friends go with me to that performance. It was under a huge covering and out of the sun, so they didn't complain. Oh, and The Ready Set, we saw them at that particular stage, too.

Teenage Bottlerocket was the most sincere and raw performance. At some "Whatthefuckever Stage" in the corner of the concert grounds, and they apparently were "new", or at least I had not heard of them. Now, they are basically considered a new/oldschool Punk band. They had some weird "show" before the music started of bringing out the band members on hospital gourneys, or something like that, and it was a lot of work/effort considering there were about 30 people in that small crowd. Dedication. The crowd grew, a mini mosh pit formed, and some wild punker ended up getting dragged by a friend(?) stranger(?) staff(?) around the circumfrence of the mosh pit - splitting open the skin of the side of his ribcage, and skinning up his arms, while the enthusiastic punker continued to half-dance while being dragged as the band played even louder. Fun!

MC Chris was fucking hysterical. Sort of half comedy, half music, and all his stuff was drone from his MacBook Pro that he had sitting on a stool next to him. Funny as dude.

Less Than Jake was probably my favorite, as the concert chemistry of an old(er) band like that knew how to get a crowd going and keep it going. I had a video shot on my iPhone of the bass player mocking and teasing the overly-conservative-looking security guard in front of the stage, while the security guard pretended to not notice, or maybe not care? I closed the video/camera app without hitting "Save", though, so that recording is now lost and gone forever, which sucks because I would have loved to have looked back on it.

Other photos/videos were taken that day, but are also lost to the ether, because I lost access to my old iCloud acct some years back, and I had to start a new one when I bought this MacBook in 2020. Fuck ecosystems.

That's all the shows I've been to, so I should go to more. They're fun as fuck.


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