I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what a compiler was (specifically) up until a few minutes ago. I’m sure I’ve used them, but I didn’t know anything about how they worked, even in the most broad sense. nnI simply DuckDuckGo’d “what is a compiler?” and [got this result (from W3Schools)](https://www.w3schools.in/what-is-compiler/), and it seems to be a brief descriptor of what one is/does, how it works, etc.nnI have the impression, that writing a compiler would be **one of the hardest things for someone to do**. At least for someone at my experience level of programming/development. Hell, I’m still looking up PHP stuffs and I use that language all the time!nnIt’s also worth noting, that I am not “fluent” (or even confidently familiar with) the majority of the programming languages I use. HTML? OK, I know what certain things are supposed to look like, but I’ll *definitely* get hung up on syntax and have to look something up, eventually. CSS? Fairly simple, when I am working with it for over 20 minutes and “get the hang of it”, again. JS? No, always searching for resources. PHP? More familiar with PHP than JS, because I worked with PHP so much in the past year. nnI’ve heard of people writing compilers in Go and I think I’ve heard people say “this compiler is written in C”, but I may have completely misheard and that might not even be a thing.nnSo, here’s a question: **why am I so damn basic?**nnLOL! I mean, I figure I can get the vast majority of what *I* want to get done (with the **Thanx** project) done and accomplished with simple stuff. *Very* simple stuff – like, a LAMP stack and that’s essentially it (more goes into it than that, but I would consider PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and perhaps a little JS to be the “meat and potatoes” of what it is I am trying to accomplish).nnI see a lot of people learning Python, and my brother-in-law is learning React, and the dudes who are the architects of UNIX are now on the official Go team (well, two of them are, anyway). And I *do* know that this seems to be “a thing” with new developers – that they (we, I) get to the point where they want to learn *this* language, or *that* language, and take on XYZ projects, and overwhelm themselves all to hell with lots of different things – but, I, personally, want to take a BIG step back from that, and stick to what it is that I need to know/use to get the thing done that I want to get accomplished…accomplished!nnSo, instead of exploring “**the hardest thing**” right now, I will keep things simple.nnBack later

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