So, in July 2022, I will mark three(3) years since I bought this Moto G7 Power smartphone, and it is still serving me fairly well. Unless something happens to it, I do not plan on replacing it anytime soon. Even after July rolls around, I will simply keep using it. The battery is great, and everything works on it A-OK, and it doesn't "need" to go in a landfill for any reason, so, if anything, I may just flash a custom ROM onto the thing (as the Moto (Android) software hasn't been updated in quite some time (I think it runs the first version of Android 11, if I remember correctly)). So, I am pretty sure it will be Lineage OS (which was Cyanogenmod back in the One+1 days (which I loved that phone and OS - had to sell it to make ends meet in 2016, though)). So, that is a priority of mine going forward - to put Lineage OS on this Moto G7 Power (just because, why not?). I will get more security updates that way (I could care less about "features", per se - they all seem to do the same shit in a different way these days), and experience a bit different of an OS, and...whatever else. I am more concerned with the actual longevity I am getting from the phone, itself, than what software is on it.

And the same can be said about this MacBook Air (early-2020), I plan to get at least five(5) years use out of it. And this has been my intent all along. I only bought an Apple laptop because A) I wanted/needed something decent/reliable B) something I could get 5+ years use out of, and C) I couldn't afford a Lenovo X1 Carbon at the time :/ And I am not about to jump through a financial hoop to get a Lenovo (or anything else) laptop and put Linux on it, just to say I have a long-lasting laptop - as this MBA has done a great job for the past year, and I expect it to continue to last me for a fair bit longer, and if/when it wears out (completely), THEN I will flip over to different machine.

And as far as anything else goes: that's it! I don't use any other form of tech (I mean I do, I have a TV (which is fairly old, as well) - but nothing else that I would consider "consumer technology".

Not that any of this matters - just taking note that I am going to try to make shit I paid money for (and that is working perfectly for the time being) last me as long as humanly possible :)

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