I saw online, on a number of blogs (both R.w.a, and my RSS reader), that people want to continually update their blog on a regular basis. To do a daily, or even twice daily update on their blog, and usually this is in accordance with wanting to complete the #100DaysToOffload challenge put forth by Kev Quirk (of Fosstodon). And I think that is really great - both the idea of more frequent updates, and just writing more in general, and also having a sort of "goal" in mind, like 100DTO. But, in these more recent posts that I mentioned (just a couple of them in the past week or so), they mentioned "lowering their standards" in regards to what gets written, or why they write it, etc. But I wouldn't say that anyone should ever go for "lowering their standards" in regards to writing, but just elminate any sort of "false perfectionism" in their mind that they have in regards to actually publishing whatever it is they have written.

So, a maxim I will share (that I shared a couple years ago on tmo), would be how when I started writing on my old (and first "real") blog in late-2006, which was a tabloid-centric "gossip" blog, called Notorious News, that for the first four to five weeks, I was solely focused on the quality of what got written (or, what got published - many things I ended up deleting before doing anything with them). I wanted everything to be neat, and nice, and concise, and be presentable for when I (inevitably) submitted them to other gossip blogs (through annoying e-mails and small blog networks, in an attempt to garner a friendship/partnership/affiliate/etc.). I wanted everything to be two paragraphs, no more, no less, and I wanted everything to have the same "type" of humor (whatever that meant), and I wanted to have a "niche within a niche" of what types of stories and celebrities got written about. The thing was though, I had to have at least five stories written daily, every day of the week (a probably arbitrary number, but it was what a lot of other blogs were doing at the time, so even though it was arbitrary in reality, it was completely necessary and self-propelling in my own mind (I was heavily driven at that point in my (writing) life)). And when I actually started doing that, I realized that whatever "niche" I wanted to maintain, or whatever "type" of humor I wanted to be consistent with, was not going to fly for the amount of stuff I wanted to get published. So, I simply stopped being a (false) perfectionist and just wrote what I thought was right, and got the stuff "out there".

But even if someone doesn't have a particular "thing" in their mind in regards to having a specific "style" or "genre" or "type" of writing that they like to do (online or off), I'd say don't worry about any of that, and just write as you like, and never lower your standards, and instead just don't be a false perfectionist. :)

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