35F and rainy here this morning. Gonna be like this all day. I start the day with Diet Pepsi, and begin to brew coffee. And as I start my day, I think of how nice it will be to have WiFi back at my apartment, which is happening at the beginning of April, and that is when my AT&T modem/router (two things, one unit) will show up for self-installation. I already have the AT&T box installed in the kitchen (above the desk/island), then after I plug it in, it is just a few more steps, password creation, and I am off to the races! :)nnI am pretty sure I will find some web dev activities to get into once I have WiFi back (as tethering can’t handle that activity, really). But I don’t think it is going to be dev like I did before, or *attempted* to do before, but more or less just run software on a VPS on my Linode account. The “software management” part of “web dev” (as I call it) is fairly simple, but when I start to make some **original** or **unique** web application from scratch all on my own, that is where I tend to fall down (and realize over and over that I do not know what I am doing, and have no real ability to **maintain** what it is that I have built).nnI laid some ground rules for myself for if/when I decide to tool around with making an application in the future:nn- never use any code, or any language in any code that I am not adequately familiar with (so, I am limited to HTML/CSS/PHP, and some JS, basically)nn- attempt not to fuss around with a database – they *are* an enormous hassle from what I’ve found (though that limits what I can build to a fair extent)nn- don’t get stuck in, or even go to, Tutorial Hell(TM), because a lot of what people slap in their random “How-To” sites ends up being a complete and total waste of time, and nine times out of ten doesn’t work to begin with, or is outdatednn- and keep everything as bare bones and basic as possible (K.I.S.S.)nnAnd my hat is off to round-the-clock devs who can do this stuff fluently (or perhaps not so fluently) on a daily basis, and keep their apps/services/businesses running in a smooth manner. I would find that an *enormous* challenge and I don’t think I would do very well at it.nnSo, other than a fun, tinkering side project here and there, I don’t think I could pursue this as a full-time occupation. nnAnyhow, the morning coffee is nice.nnback soon

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