Had a nice Fuji apple just now, which is not as good as an organic Gala apple, but the Gala varietal is out of season, so they are basically the size of giant grapes. The Fuji will do, and is my second favorite, so, whatever. nnI am also heating water for coffee, a triple-scoop of Folgers instant, and to be honest I am a tad burned out of coffee for the time being. I will go and buy some soda tomorrow. Soda is not healthy, but it is a slight change in caffeine intake than instant coffee. nnThe night is young and mildly amusing. There’s a few things to read online (random blog posts), and I’ve read them, and also become aware of how grateful I am that I am not zoned out/wasting time on social media any longer. Being in a position of post-social media addiction is more or less a theme with me (in real life *and* in the writing I do online), so if anyone is a hardcore social media enthusiast, then this blog is likely not for you.nnI think the whole social media lie, Ponzi scheme, bill of goods, etc. was pure bullshit to start with, anyway. I enjoyed very little of my time with it, and stored very little memory from that time (which unfortunately spanned nearly 10 years), and as time moves along, I sort of realize that my brain has a completely different “OS” than what was running on it before (not to sound too nerdy or technical, but it *is* just an analogy). In fact, my ability to retain, store, and recall memories in regards to recent events has *improved* a fair deal since late-2019 (when I gave socials the boot). I can recall things I did (fairly clearly) a year ago, six months ago, two years ago, etc. Just a nice, linear, fairly non-interrupted chain of logical events. No Big Bad Emotions to steer clear of or try to “block out”, and also having ~90% of those days be *good*, and *clear*, and *positive* to begin with helps too.nnI sometimes feel a bit of sympathy (or empathy?) for people who still trudge through that activity/habit/addiction, but then I realize in short order that that means feeling sympathy/empathy for 98%+ of citizens in the developed world, so I abandon that burden, and just sort of write them off as “they do what *they* do, I do what *I* do”. There’s currently no “rehab” for the epidemic (if someone wants to call it that, which I WILL in this scenario), and a lot of the horse shit that has been popularized about the topic is more or less speculative theory. Such as the movie *The Social Dilemma*, which is like taking an acid trip into some convoluted realm of psychological terminology. And of course there could be nothing derived from such movies, videos, articles, conversations, etc., anyway, because 99.9% of the folks shouting from a soapbox are addicts, themselves. The hypocrisy surrounding it is downright hysterical, when you stop and think about it. nnAnd I admit, quitting social media use *is* “the” hardest thing one can ever do. Like quitting slot machine gambling, or video game addiction, or even a narcotic – it’s **addiction recovery** and everything about it is tedious and uncomfortable for a good while. But then, everything gets easier after a few weeks or a few months, and everything begins to be re-routed in the brain, and life begins anew, and a “new OS” sort of comes about. Things get better again.nnBut, that’s just my experience. Glad I came out the other end, and stopped suffering.nnback soon

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