This Saturday, the day after tomorrow (as it is still Thursday) there will be (another) [Remark.as Meetup](https://discuss.write.as/t/a-remark-as-meetup-another-one/5656), and I hope anyone/everyone can stop in, say hi, stick around for a while. The first one, on June 4, was pretty cool, and I am glad this is a weekly thing now :)nnBut, I pop into [Remark.as Cafe](https://remark.as/cafe) a few times a day, and I will tick the “Join” box next to chat, and see who is there (if anyone), and today I “ran into” (had a chat with) someone who I’ve liked a long time here on W.a. And THAT is what is cool about Remark.as chat – you can see/meet people you may have seen since forever on W.a, but actually shoot the breeze with them as if it were a friggin’ text message! Ha!nnBut, it was a good convo, and I will not name them, to protect the innocent. And some people might not care about “chats”/”chatting”, and may be used to Discord, or another IRC room, or *something*, but I find the shit fascinating. I haven’t used a chat”room” since the AOL days, and the stuff is amusing, for sure.nnAnyhow, feel free to pop in at 1:00 PM CST Saturday, June 11, and socialize (while off social media). nnback soon

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