40 degrees right now, getting below-freezing overnight, I have the sliding glass door cracked open a bit, and the central fan on – cooling off the apartment a bit. nnAnd after typing that sentence, I migrated over to the easy chair, to be in the direct cold. If it were 20 degrees cooler, I would have the door closed, for sure. But with it being a “cool” night and not cold, I’ll enjoy the fresh air.nnAlso, I am going to make it a habit to start turning off all the kitchen lights and keeping the faux fireplace going (when it arrives) this Winter, and having a peaceful time writing by the (faux) firelight :)nnFun times, fun timesnnDarkness is soothing. As of now I simply have the oven light on, and turned off the light above the oven and the kitchen light, and it is fairly dark in here. Something nefarious, yet calming about the dark. The spoken parts by a former NASA astronaut in the Trist song “Hin” definitely describe the darkness the best. Spooky song.nnAnd I just finished hot coffee, too. Almost instant espresso. Good stuff, indeed.nn

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