A car or a Mac Pro? I'll save money and buy a car! (lmao)

This is what happens when I decide to drink Red Bull after nightfall - I mess around and go to Apple.com and max out every single spec on the Mac Pro, and see what it could theoretically run me.

Here's the total:


Some things caught my eye when I was selecting the max specs, though, and that was that four(4) wheels for this fucking thing costs $400! So, a small wheel (machined or stamped, idk) costs $100 each. That's fairly excessive.

One upgrade (I think it may have been the graphics card, or something) was a $12,ooo+ upgrade! I distinctly remember seeing the "$12,000" number in the many, MANY upgrades that can be done to this thing.

And I do not know what an "Apple Afterburner Card" is, but it was several hundred dollars. I'd have to look it up to see what it is.

Nearly $53K, though. Wow!

In the world of "old", yet powerful for their time machines, I kinda/sorta considered getting the previous Mac Pro. The one that looked like a bathroom tissue trashcan. But I do not know how much they run? And I wouldn't really get a hell of a lot of use out of it, either way.

But I DID see some folks selling Chromebook Pixel laptops (not Pixelbook), and those things were supposed to be lightspeed fast when they came out (because Chrome OS is just fast, in general), and they apparently retained a lot of that speed. They run just under $1K (used), if I remember, so...probably wouldn't go that route, either. I saw a lot of people claiming they bought one and put a distro of Linux on it, so, that would be nice :)

For now, I'm fine with my 2020 MacBook Air (with Intel, not M1). The new Airs look nice (design/port-wise), as do the MacBook Pros with the M1 Max Pro Plus Ultra silicon, or whatever term they use to name it. I sincerely doubt I would go the Apple route again when this machine (the MBA) bites the dust. I'd go with...who knows what the hell will be available when this machine stops working. I figure that I'll have this laptop for a few more years (hopefully), so I am not "in the market" right now.

Anyway, back later

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