No deliberate attempt to stay away from blogging yesterday, but I didn't end up doing a post. In the early-AM hours I did, but since sunrise yesterday I didn't put anything down. I ordered things online, and they have subsequently shipped, and I went to Schnucks (twice!) yesterday, and visited a neighbor, "S", and paid him back the smokes I owed him, and he gave me this badass bowling/punk jacket that is ratty as fuck, and also vintage, that I immediately fell in love with. Just out of the blue, he said I could benefit from it (he is 70 years old), and the jacket fit, and I love it, so it sits in my closet now and will be part of my regular wardrobe. Score!

Now, it is 4:30 AM on April 2 (having not seen a single April 1 AFD joke), and I am making thin-cut fries, and will have those in a bit, as I haven't had anything to eat since yesterday at 5:00 PM with a grilled cheese. I slept decent, I suppose. No complaints there.

I'll have some updates here today. Back soon.