I installed "Unhook" for YouTube from the Firefox Extensions "store", or "market", or whatever it would be called. And what Unhook does, is lets the user toggle what they DO and DO NOT want to see on YouTube (in a general sense, not specific tags or anything like that). So, I am leaving everything set to default for now, and may disable comments, as well (not that I ever bother to read comments, because I do not make videos, and I do not make comments myself, but...you know). It basically makes the entirety of the site (YouTube.com) a blank page, and I just have my subscriptions and library and whatnot over to the left sidebar. I might subscribe to more channels that I want to keep tabs on this way, but other than that, there is nothing "recommended" to me on the bulk of the page. Which is nice.

I rarely visit YT these days anymore, anyway. Maybe for a quick laugh I will look up a Mr Show clip, or some other random thing from a million years ago, but MOST of YT is a shitshow, and I dislike it.

Anyway, more snow has fallen. A good coating across the entirety of the courtyard and parking lot. I cannot see blades of grass anymore. Or the sidewalk, or anything else.

On with the night (though I may just zonk out and go to bed soon)

back later