“I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday” off of the Your Arsenal album (which I am not familiar with at all, to be honest) is *so* good! It’s powerful as could be, and both uplifting and mournful at the same time.nnAnd coffee, just finished a mug. And also trying to decide what I will listen to next, because I have no idea. nnI promised (or informed, kinda) a friend via e-mail that I would start my morning with music, because he said he did so that particular morning (yesterday), but, I ended up just waking up with a sore shoulder and was not “in the mood” for tunes. I will start a day here soon with music. Something deep and incredible (like Elvis Costello or Aretha Franklin, or…Morrissey :))nnSo, I found a new batch of songs to hear for now (Paramore, and some of my other favorites). nnIt’s 9:09 (which is also a drum machine model (or synthesizer? Who am I kidding, I know *nothing* of instruments nor their model numbers)). I remember getting sort of crash courses in drum machines and their history on a video I saw of Moby and his collection, but I don’t remember *that* much.nn30+ years deep into music and I still don’t have any interest in MAKING (real) music. I mean, I have the distant “solo black metal project” (which I have shelved, but will revisit someday, I am sure). It’s really just lo-fi Outsider Music, that is very amateurish and junkie – but, it *is* a sort of expression of self. I have four songs (lyrics) written, and the concepts of how I would like to record them. Hell, I even have a half-assed, garbled version of Nirvana’s “Pennyroyal Tea” recorded (meaning, I drummed with my hand on one leg the general “beat” to the song and sang/spoke the lyrics at a medium volume into the same microphone). That was a load of fun to do! So, I sort of just have to be inspired to record stuff. I have a backlog of stuff written, just needs to be recorded. nnI *am* more of a consumer of it (music) than anything else, though. And I love that about myself :)nnOk, back to music. nn

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