..about anything and everything.nnThe SSD is in Indianapolis, Indiana right now, it will arrive here later today (via FedEx) according to the “Expected Delivery Date”, so that will definitely be cool. The “grip tape” will be here on/by January 7, but no rush on that I suppose.nnI have plenty to download from Google Drive and pCloud to put on the SSD, including all of my long(er) form [writing](https://tmo.name/writing), as well as the [zine](https://tmo.name/zine). And also a few journals such as “Pi Journals Vol. 1-4” (hammered out in four lengthy text documents on a Raspberry Pi), and “Small Journals Vol. 1-??” (which are a bunch of documents I hammered out on Joplin over time – usually from the time I put this blog on Blot.im for a few short weeks). I would *like* to be able to import (or even photograph) each page of “The Typewriter Papers”, which were 75 pages of rambling that I wrote on a Brother typewriter in early-2015 when I was in between medications and taking a three week hiatus from the Internet when I was still living in Midtown St Louis, but alas, that document has been tossed out 🙁 Another reason to always (try to) keep a digital copy of everything (which is the entire purpose of this exercise).nn**What’s worth saving? What’s not?**nnWell, *most* of what I have written over the past 7+ years is not worth saving, as most of it is simply journal entries that tend to live online. But, the longform documents that I have saved as PDF documents, and that I tend to share elsewhere online (like the “writing” page) and zines – *those* are worth saving.nnAnd then there are photos. I have quite a fair amount on Google Photos, and all the family photos will be kept. And there is an ongoing album I continue to add to called “In Vintage” which are photographs that I applied a crude “vintage-style” filter to, and plan on making a small photo book from them (that I would have printed off at Walgreens via Google Photos – a great feature *of* Google Photos). But until I have a *significant* amount of photos there (and therefore *worth* the effort to have the book printed), I will hold off on printing it.nnBut, I am not a “save it all” type of person. Some people are like that, I’m not. I will go through all my galleries on Snap.as and see what is worth taking from there, put them on Google Photos, as well as the SSD, and save what’s “neat”, but most will just stay where they’re at.nnMusic documents, too. I have the ongoing “old.leary” project that I will save all recordings from, as well as any lyrics/artwork, and put that in a folder and save to the SSD (as I don’t even think I have any of that saved on a cloud drive currently – it’s *all* stored on my phone!)nnAs for “important documents”, well, most of those require an original copy (from my experience), so obviously I keep those in a thin plastic bag in my closet. But *some* things will be turned into PDF form and saved to the SSD. As well as a text document that has all relevant contact info I may need. That text document lives on Standard Notes currently (as well as the contacts (phones #’s) saved within my phone).nnAnd that’s about it. In total, probably not even 50GB worth of stuff that needs to be saved (currently), and therefore doesn’t justify an entire terabyte of space to store it, but, in the future, I will like to have that wiggle room, if need be :)nnBack later

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